Juhan Bae

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Latest Updated: 04. 29. 2023


I am a PhD student in the Machine Learning Group at the University of Toronto and the Vector Institute, supervised by Roger Grosse. I received my HBSc in computer science and statistics from the same university in 2019. I previously interned at Microsoft Research.

I'm interested in understanding wide range of applications in deep learning. I'm currently working on hyperparameter optimization, optimization, and interpretability of deep learning.


[C10] Efficient Parametric Approximations of Neural Network Function Space Distance

Nikita Dhawan, Sicong Huang, Juhan Bae, Roger Grosse

ICML 2023
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[C9] Multi-Rate VAE: Train Once, Get the Full Rate-Distortion Curve

Juhan Bae, Michael R. Zhang, Michael Ruan, Eric Wang, So Hasegawa, Jimmy Ba, Roger Grosse

ICLR 2023  (Oral Presentation)
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[C8] If Influence Functions are the Answer, Then What is the Question?

Juhan Bae, Nathan Ng, Alston Lo, Marzyeh Ghassemi, Roger Grosse

NeurIPS 2022
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[C7] Amortized Proximal Optimization

Juhan Bae*, Paul Vicol*, Jeff Z. HaoChen, Roger Grosse

NeurIPS 2022
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[C6] Analyzing Monotonic Linear Interpolation in Neural Network Loss Landscapes

James Lucas, Juhan Bae, Michael R. Zhang, Stanislav Fort, Richard Zemel, Roger Grosse

ICML 2021
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[C5] Delta-STN: Efficient Bilevel Optimization for Neural Networks using Structured Response Jacobians

Juhan Bae and Roger Grosse

NeurIPS 2020
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[W4] On Monotonic Linear Interpolation of Neural Network Parameters

James Lucas, Juhan Bae, Michael R. Zhang, Richard Zemel, Jimmy Ba, Roger Grosse

NeurIPS 2020, Optimization for Machine Learning Workshop
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[W3] Eigenvalue Corrected Noisy Natural Gradient

Juhan Bae, Guodong Zhang, Roger Grosse

NeurIPS 2019, Bayesian Deep Learning Workshop
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[C2] Fast 6DOF Pose Estimation with Synthetic Textureless CAD Model for Mobile Applications

Bowen Chen, Juhan Bae, Dibyendu Mukherjee

ICIP 2019

[W1] Learnable Pooling Methods for Video Classification

Sebastian Kmiec, Juhan Bae, Ruijian An

ECCV 2018, Workshop on YouTube-8M Large-Scale Video Understanding  (Oral Presentation)
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